We Understand Your Dilemma.
We Understand Your Dilemma.

Of course, you’d like to offer retirement benefits to your employees.  You’d like to show your appreciate for their contributions.

Partner with Outstanding Professionals
Partner with Outstanding Professionals

We partner with attorneys, broker/dealers and appraisers to coordinate your access to the necessary disciplines that will keep your plan in compliance.

Work Directly with Owners & Managers
Work Directly with Owners & Managers

Benefit Resources works together with business owners and managers to provide maximum retirement benefits on a cost effective basis.

Building Retirement Security
Building Retirement Security

Benefit Resources Inc. can help you design, implement and administer ESOPs, KSOPs, Profit Sharing Plans and 401(k) Plans.

Value and Efficiency

In designing retirement plans, we determine which plans are the most cost effective and will provide the maximum tax benefits.


Full Service Provider

We are a full service administration firm, working with you from concept to administration to provide maximum retirement benefits on a cost-effective basis.

Turnkey Administration

Benefit Resources functions as your retirement benefits department. We answer your questions, assess your needs and provide a custom designed program.

Stock Plan Experts

We have extensive experience in the development and use of stock bonus plans such as ESOPs and ESOPs with 401(k) provisions (KSOPs), both leveraged and non-leveraged.

What Makes Us Different

  • Analysis

    Work directly with owners and managers.

  • Experience

    Over 60 years with tax qualified ERPs

  • Strategies

    Most cost effective plans that maximize tax benefits

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